Since its birth in the El-Gamaleya area in 1948,
Lazordy Establishments has been a leading name in the copper
chandeliers industry.

As it has preserved the traditional art of handcrafting and sculpting, a form that goes all the way back to the Pharaonic era.

Lazordy’s first factory was opened in 1985,
in the Abbassia area in Cairo.


It was specialized in handmade copper chandeliers and antiques that were painted with 24-ounce gold.


To maintain its product’s refinement and attention to detail, the factory was operated by more than 450 workers.

It is necessary to pay attention to different and distinct tastes, that’s why our factory has been equipped with high precision, state-of-the-art technology that produces various chandelier models and styles such as: Baccarat, Maria Theresa, and Ceiling Chandeliers.


Our wide range of models can be suitable for modern and classic settings to satisfy all tastes.

We cooperated with the finest international crystal agencies to ensure that the highest quality and standards are constantly met.


Chandelier crystals such as Baccarat and Swarovski originate from Czech, and Austria.